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 + A good example of innovative real estate investment? When I was young, I had work that paid $3.40 an hour or so, and I somehow saved enough to buy my first bit of real-estate - 2 acres near where I lived. It cost $3,500. 
 +I spent a  couple of hours eliminating wash, defined a garage with logs, and hand-painted a sign <a  href="http://www.hippiehollowhomes.com/take-the-frustration-out-of-selling-real-estate-tips-on-selling-your-home-fast-in-austin-texas-the-easy-way/">the guide to sell  my home fast</a> . A couple of weeks after I got it I bought the land for $4,750, with $250 down, $100 each month, at 11% interest. With the capital gain, my annual get back on investment was more  than 208. It was my first real estate investment. 
 +Creative Real Estate Investment - The Important 
 +I bought the land cheap, as the seller needed  cash. His problem was solved by me. I sold the land higher-than  the market price because the customer needed easy terms. Second problem  solved. Solving problems could be the key to creative real estate investment. 
 +Stereo, cell phone businesses, police departments and others need mountain tops because of their systems [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLDD5JFyKWM|we buy houses]] . The problem is that they'll not  tie-up their capital buying them. One creative trader found a way to solve their problem. 
 +He got six-month options on mountain top homes for a couple hundred pounds.  Then, when he found individuals who needed them, he'd obtain a longterm lease  signed. They built the tower themselves, obviously. Using  a rent in hand, it was easy to get financing to  exercise the option and buy the homes. He spent a few  hundred dollars to create years of revenue. 
 +Trees are needed by lumber mills. A pal of mine solved this issue by allowing a company cut half the trees on his little house. They paid $4,500, and when they were done I really could not start to see the difference. The property was worth as much the day after the cut since the day before. My buddy lived there, but an innovative individual may buy  property like his, offer half the trees, perhaps clay o-r gravel too, and then re-sell the property. 
 +To  resolve problems, you have to determine what they are. Do people need easy terms? Cleaned  plenty? Lumber? Greater use of a piece of property? Smaller pieces of  property? Apartments in place of apartments? The list could continue. Keep in mind that solving issues may be the key to creative real estate investment [[http://www.prweb.com/releases/sell-your-house-fast/austin-texas/prweb9888711.htm|sell your house fast]] .
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