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 + Commercial property loans are a kind of commercial funding. Any property that falls between  commercial and residential is recognized as an industrial property. A commercial property a property other-than a vacant land, a single family residence, a, a or a four-plex is considered <a  href="http://www.ajwillnerauctions.com/auctions/categories/industrial-auctions">account</a> . Industrial property is much hyped in metropolitan countries. The us government often also offers incentives to promote these areas. 
 +If you're considering purchasing a property of four items or-less, it is thought to be a  residential property. Nevertheless a of five units or more is  recognized as an industrial property. In simple terms a project are considered to be commercial property loans,  however not all commercial property loans are multi-family loans. Commercial property loans can be acquired at different variable interest rates when compared with residential loans. 
 +This type of property is  called a mixed-use property if a property consists of a single apartment uni-t  over a storefront then <a  href="http://www.ajwillnerauctions.com/">ajwillnerauctions</a> . A mixed-use property is a  commercial property and you'd need to head to a commercial property lender to get a commercial property  loan on such a property. We at I Loan  source will help you find a lender that best suits your requirements if you are looking for a industrial mortgage lender. 
 +I Loan Resource use only the most  effective lenders nation wide. We have pre-qualified these companies and set strict  requirements that they need to inform you in your loan and perhaps not  hide any costs that you will guarantee. Besides industrial property loan if you  are looking to refinance your home, get a new home loan or perhaps using your  value to consolidate your debt then I Loan Resource might help you find the correct  bank. 
 +Fill in the mortgage kind of your decision and a pre skilled lender will contact the same-day. No costs & no account needed. All you need to accomplish is merely fill our online form and find a  bank on your company [[http://www.ajwillnerauctions.com/auction- services/aj-willner-auctions-method|auction business for sale]] .
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