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 +If you want to get or gather vintage costume jewelry, learn what to look for and  exactly where to look.  There is some thing for everyone who is interested in  collecting vintage jewelry.  Great places to locate vintage costume jewelry locally are  estate sales, auctions and flea markets [[http://www.jamsworldshop.com/|resort wear]] .  Vintage costume jewelry reflects the trends of the old days, and the designs are far more influenced by the kind of clothing worn and the material employed at the time.
 +Behind every piece of vintage jewelry, there is a story.  Although antique costume  jewelry dates as far back as the Victorian era (1832-1901), the literature claims that antique vintage costume jewelry can be regarded as  any costume jewelry that was produced around 1910.  Most literature we read tells us costume jewelry produced about 1910  and the 1960s is now deemed vintage.  Each and every piece of vintage costume jewelry is an investment in  its personal right.
 +Costume jewelry collecting is a hobby. Some females like to put on it and/or display  it.  I am fascinated with the beauty, top quality and inexpensiveness vintage costume jewelry can offer.  As my personal collecting tastes continue to adjust, my expertise of the history  of vintage costume jewelry continues to boost. I hope to add many new pieces to my own collection.   We get vintage costume jewelry for the very same reasons now as when it was very  first made, its inexpensive and beautiful [[http://www.jamsworldshop.com/resort-wear|mens linen shirt on- line]] .  Several collectors today contemplate their  vintage and antique costume jewelry an investment, and statistics show that it is.
 +If you have a collection of vintage costume jewelry, know exactly where your  interest lies. You might only want to put it on display or your pleasure is to wear the piece, the selection is yours.  However, if you are only interested in collecting vintage costume jewelry for re-sale or as an investment,  youll want to dig a lot deeper and do your homework just before you commence  purchasing.  Whether or not you want to wear it, collect it, display it,  re-sell it, an huge vintage costume jewelry smorgasbord awaits you [[http://www.jamsworldshop.com/browse.cfm/mens/2,3.html|linen  shorts]] .
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