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 +Chance is high at sea for those searching for employment, and there are a number of  motives for this.
 +With the expansion of the Maritime Security System (MSP), the MSP fleet is  expanding from 47 to 60 ships. There is also growth in the U.S.-flag cruise ship business. Due to the fact there are so several diverse types of vessels,  there is a range of selections that is unmatched <a  href="http://www.gwconnors.com/training/facility-security-officer-fso/">sponsor</a> . That signifies as  staff working beneath contracts between maritime  companies and the Seafarers International Union, merchant mariners have the chance to sail on a wide  range of vessels, including deep-sea cargo vessels and military help ships,  exactly where mariners continue to help U.S. troops in Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
 +Also in the  opportunity mix are Fantastic Lakes vessels, cable ships, tugboats and passenger ferries.
 +The spot for  numerous American men and females who set their sights on setting sail is the Paul Hall Center for  Maritime Training and Education. The state-of-the-art school, affiliated with the Seafarers International Union,  offers the most U.S. Coast Guard-authorized courses of any maritime school in the nation-from entry level to license  preparation to academic assistance.
 +In addition to academic support, the school gives GED and  college degree applications. In truth, a lot of of the maritime classes can be  used for college credits <a  href="http://www.gwconnors.com/training/vessel-security-officer-vso/">open in a new browser window</a> .
 +Given that its  opening in 1967, approximately 145,000 students have trained there. The apprentice system blends hands-on  training with classroom instruction. It consists of three phases, such as 90 days aboard  a U.S.-flag ship. That particular phase has helped increase the industry's retention  rate-roughly 75 percent of students who full the entire plan are  nevertheless sailing four years later.
 +At any provided time there are 100 trainees at the school-some in Phase 1,  other individuals in Phase three (Phase 2 is at sea).
 +Based in Piney Point, Md., the school's  education tools consist of bridge and engine simulators, the Joseph Sacco Fire Fighting and  Safety School and a culinary lab [[http://www.gwconnors.com/training/facility-security-officer-fso/|continue reading]] .
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